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Chen Yuanhui



  • Master of Education (Harvard)

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Education (NIE)

  • Diploma in Counselling Psychology  

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​Multi-award winning curriculum innovator and educator Yuanhui is the founder of Stories By Children and is passionate about facilitating children's authentic voices. 

Yuanhui believes if children are allowed to live according to their souls’ dictates, offered space to hear their inner voices clearly early in life, they would have a better chance of receiving the right resources for their learning and growing, and become adults who live their lives with meaning and purpose. ​

She also hypothesizes that if the pure, unadulterated voices of children can be articulated through stories and shared, many of the adult-world problems like "greed, scarcity, competition, manipulation" may be addressed or discussed.  

"Creating a Better World,

One Children's Story at a Time."


In her service to children, Yuanhui brings along her wealth of experience in the education, education research and healing / wellbeing sectors, having served as an MOE HOD (Aesthetics), MOE HQ Officer (Schools Division), Cluster Schools Art Representative, NIE-Trained and MOE CL Teacher, MOE-Approved Art Teacher, NIE Education Analyst and a Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach. ​She also recently received approval as an MOE Instructor in Storybook Creation and Creative Writing in English and Chinese.  

It is with these, together with the assets of her group of advisors, mentors, partners and friends that they together, nurture and serve those under their care.


Books authored and illustrated by Yuanhui
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Yuanhui's artwork.jpeg

Thank you again for poppin' by. 

with love and gratitude,


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Curriculum Vitae



  • NIE Innovation Commendation Award, ​National Institute of Education (NIE), 2019 

       - as team lead for operationalisation of Knowledge Resource Bank, a one-stop depository of evidence-based

          knowledge resources for teachers

  • National Arts Education Award (Blaze), National Arts Council, 2015

       - as team lead for excellence in Aesthetics Education in a primary school 

  • Featured as (one of the two) faces of Arts Education, representing the segment on Arts Education in Singapore Schools, in the SG50 Good Morning, Cher, Ministry of Education (MOE) roving exhibition, 2015

  • MOE Oustanding Contribution Awards, MOE, 2006,2013

  • Harvard Intellectual Contribution / Faculty Tribute Award (Nominee),Harvard, 2009

  • Friends of Dunman High Award – in recognition of services, Dunman High School, 2002  

  • Plaque Award, Highest Extra Curriculum Activity award, Temasek Junior College, 2000

  • Overall Champion, Singapore Youth Festival Central Judging for Chinese Orchestra, 1997

  • Consolation Prize, Inter-School Chinese Poetry Recital Competition, Singapore Press Holdings, 1995 

  • 3 National Awards in Chinese Classical Music Performance 

       - Guzheng (Overall National Champion & 3rd) Solo Performance, 1989-1990
       - Erhu (2nd) Solo Performance, 1998  

  • 1st Prize in Children's Art On-The-Spot Competition, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA), 1990

  • Model Student Award-for best overall performance, Ai Tong School, 1991



  • Master of Education, Arts in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, 2009 (GPA: 3.61/4.0)

  • Management and Leadership in Schools, NIE, 2014

  • Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (Merit), NIE, 2005

  • Diploma in Counselling Psychology, College of Allied Educators, 2017 

  • Bachelor of Arts (Architectural Studies), National University of Singapore, 2003

  • Certificate in House-Tree-Person Kinetic Projection Therapy, Basic & Advanced, Sophia Courseworks, 2010

  • Certificate in Basic Counselling, Art Therapy & Sand Therapy, Sophia Courseworks, 2010-2016

  • Certificate in Play Therapy, taught by Taiwan Master Play Therapist Zheng Ru An, 2016 

  • Certificate in Basic Western Art, Watercolour & Oil Painting, NAFA, 2006

  • Certificate in Children's Book Illustration, NAFA, taught by Patrick Yee, 2019 

  • [Audit] Children's Art and Craft for Teachers and Parents, taught by Patrick Yee, NAFA, 2021

  • [Audit] Nagomi Art with Mixed Mediums, taught by Patrick Yee, NAFA, 2021 

  • Bach Flower Remedies (Level 2), Bach Asia, 2018

  • Grade 8 with Merit in Guzheng, Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, 1997 


Work & Leadership Experiences:

  • Founder, Educator, Children's Voice Facilitator of Stories By Children, Nov 2020 - till date

  • MOE Registered Instructor with specialisation in 
    Storybook Creation, Creative Writing in English and Chinese, Chinese Orchestra, May 2022 - till date 

  • HOD (Aesthetics Education) and Art & Chinese Language Educator, MOE, 2004 - 2015

  • MOE HQ Officer, Schools Division (mandatory posting), MOE, 2010-2011

  • Education Analyst, Knowledge Mobilisation & Analytics, NIE Office of Education Research, 2016-2020 

  • E7 Cluster Schools Representative, East Zone Center of Excellence (Art), 2007 - 2008

  • Research experience at HEAD foundation serving Professor Saravanan Gopinathan, HEAD Foundation, 2016 

  • Early Childhood Educator in the Reggio Emilia & Montessori pedagogies at Eton House and Brighton Montessori respectively, 2016 & 2002


  • Early Childhood Care and Education in Five Asian Countries, HEAD Foundation, 2016

  • Scaling Community, Conditions, Culture and Carryovers through Apprenticing and Ecological Leadership: The SCAEL Model, NIE, 2018 

Curriculum Vitae
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