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The Approach

Develop Your Child's Authentic Voices 

• creative expression • language mastery • writing skills 

Designed to enrich the school curriculum, our education
programmes provide a "third" learning space, not always possible to achieve in schools due to its high teacher:student ratio. 


Most of our workshops and classes creatively evolve with your child's learning dynamics,

i.e., the next class is inspired from children's discussions and interests in today's class.   

This then enables the teaching and learning to be personalised, relevant and engaging for your child, creating a learning experience that is strong in personal meaning


Thing is, 

this Creative Evolution cannot happen
within a fixed curriculum, something that is overly fixed or pre-planned.

Hence, Stories By Children is uniquely positioned to provide  
a Boutique & Artisanal Approach to teaching and learning,


because our curriculum is highly teacher-dependant and requires a seasoned educator who is:

  • creatively adaptable and quick-thinking 

  • intuitive and a deep listener

  • logical and analytical 

  • skilful with a wide teaching repertoire  

  • has strong subject mastery  

Reggio Emilia Inspired


low teacher:student ratio


Core Subject Competencies

Joy & Beauty


Universal Flow


our teaching approach

creativity & imagination


Deep & active listening

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