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Beasly Burger

by Evan (10 yo)

Tom Lo and his assistant John Pek had always been very wealthy investors. They invested in famous food chains like McDonalds before the companies were famous. Then they sold their stocks to make big money by hundreds of millions.

They were by now happily retired from supported funds, donations from their YouTube channel and investments. However, they did not know what to spend their money on. Until one day, when Tom was having lunch with John at a burger shop, an idea popped up in Tom’s mind. 

“Why don’t we make a burger shop that pays you to eat at it! With this idea we can get more viewers for our channel and help people in need!” Tom asked John. 

“That sounds like a great idea!” John replied. WIth this in mind, they quickly went to pay the bill and drove their car back home. 

A few days later, they managed to get a spot in a mall called 100am. 

They customised their shop to look like a fine dining restaurant. There were comfortable seating with elbow room, marble furniture and beautiful paintings everywhere.

“What should we name our shop, Tom?” John asked, “I think Beasly sounds good.” Tom replied, “I think Burger sounds better.” “Beasly Burger! Let us name it Beasly Burger!” they exclaimed.

Tom and John wasted no time in hiring a group of people to start working at Beasly Burger. They placed posters everywhere. 

Within that one week they got fifty interviews to do. Tom and John were thrilled that they managed to get so many people wanting to work at their restaurant. 

They went to no expense of hiring their workers from the top best cooking schools from all over the globe. The pay they commanded ranged from $5000 to $50,000!

Soon after everything was settled, the shop was doing well and people came from left and right of the shopfront, and practically every part of the country! Food was being ordered every second. Money was being thrown everywhere! It was a fiesta! Customers were smiling from ear to ear and so was Tom and John.

The following week, they heard a lot of banging and crashing in another shopfront nearby. Not long after, a new burger joint opened. It was called De Daltons! Shortly after the opening of this shop, everyone stopped going to Beasly Burger for their food. Instead, they went to collect the money from Beasly Burger and went to De Daltons for their burger instead!

Tom and John were curious to know why everybody came to their shop. So, they went to De Dalton’s website to find out, and they realised why everybody flocked to their shop. Their burgers contained: Japanese wagyu beef and ribs, and was topped with truffles, ham, onion rings with Dom Perignon in the batter, Beluga Caviar and King Crab. All of these were between two halves of a gold-leaf bun that also had some Dom in it. Even the condiments were luxurious, and the people called it the “Golden Boy” was served with a barbecue sauce that counted coffee and Macallan Single Malt Whiskey among its ingredients.

After a few weeks, Beasly Burger was no longer making money. Their viewership went down as there was nobody in the shop, and their videos were also no longer benefiting from this company. The customers were taking more money than they earned from their YouTube channel and fundings, so they had decided to close the shop and re–open it at a different mall called “ARC”.

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