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A Feud Over a Special Sauce

Updated: Apr 12

by Karyn (8 yo)

One day, Tom, Baby Cherie's uncle, brought her to Mcdonald's to have lunch.

On the way there, Tom told Baby Cherie about how he used to be a chef at Mcdonald's. Boy, was she amazed for Mcdonald's was her favourite restaurant.

Once there, Tom dropped Baby Cherie at the massive playground and left for the kitchen. He wanted to see how the store was growing and to visit his former colleagues.

When Tom walked in, he met Stanley, a fat burly man, whom he worked closely together before. Tom recalled back in the 1920s when they concocted the special sauce together in their old kitchen.

It was a long process of trial and error. First, they poured in some sugar, corn syrup, flour and salt. Then, they poured in some water and mixed it thoroughly. Next, they cut some potatoes and mushrooms, tossed it in, and added more water. They tasted it and it was amazing!

"Special Sauce Ingredient Reveal! Special Sauce Ingredient Reveal!"

The loud booming voice of Stanley broke Tom's train of thought. He snapped back into reality only to see Stanley handing out sheets of paper to hungry clients.

When Tom came to his senses, he was fuming with rage. He shot Stanley a deadly glare, stormed out of the kitchen, fetched Baby Cherie and stomped back home.

He did not even bother to hear Stanley out or ask him why he did that.

After a few days, Tom saw Stanley at his door through the peephole. Reluctant, he opened the door to let Stanley in.

"Brother Tom, I am sorry. I should have consulted with you before disclosing our secret ingredient," Stanley said.

"Why did you do that Stanely?" Tom asked. "It was our sweat and blood in there, the discovery of the sauce," he continued. "How could you just give it away?"

"Tom, good things are meant to be shared. Besides, we have already profited all these years from our secret sauce," Stanley said gently.

"Look at your mansion, Tom," Stanley explained. "Are we not already blessed?"

"It is time for us to gift it away to benefit more people," said Stanley.

"Perhaps....indeed, Stanley," said Tom. "Brother Stanley, you know, I don't like surprises. You should have told me earlier, I would have relented."

Stanley hung his head down low, and said, "I am sorry Tom. Yes, I should have at least asked you, and not take things into my own hands."

And the two brothers hugged each other in forgiveness and understanding.

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